Twist and shout

Twist carpets are designed with functionality in mind. They’re resistant to stains and come in a huge range of colours and styles. The creation of twist carpets comes from combining yarns of a similar colour to create a unique visual effect. As the yarns are pre-treated, they’re more than ideal for busy families or dining rooms. They’re a combination of style and practicality, being perfect for a range of needs.


Swanky Saxony

Saxony carpets are the most luxurious carpet for your feet, achieving softness not found elsewhere. The yarns are slightly twisted at only their base but left unsecured on the top. This produces a feeling ideal for places like the bedroom, being extremely warm and comfortable. They give a soft charm to any room that can’t be found elsewhere. They’re ideal for those who enjoy premium quality softness for their feet.


Loop the loop

A unique creation method involves looping yarn back into itself, creating unparalleled durability. Available in a range of designs, this carpet is designed to keep any carpet cleaning to a minimum. The thickness of the yarn and length of the loop can be varied so that different styles can be provided. This carpet is ideal for the busier rooms of the house, especially for those with little ones.


All wool and a yard wide

Natural fibres comprise our wool carpets, a great contrary to manmade alternatives. Wool carpets offer a great blend of comfort and durability. It’s stain resistant, fire resistant and is renowned for bouncing back from being worn and flattened by things like furniture. We can even accommodate blends of wool and manmade fibres to combine different plus points to get the perfect carpet for you.


Under way Underlay

Designed for many different benefits, an underlay really adds a whole new dimension to your carpet. It can simultaneously raise comfort levels whilst insulating and improving the reduction of sound. We have many different types available for many purposes. As a result, we can guarantee you can find the complimentary underlay for your carpet.


If the carpet fits

Our specialist teams are renowned for their excellent customer service, and are extremely knowledgeable about fitting flooring to the very highest quality. They have many years experience installing a range of different flooring in a range of environments. We know how important this part of the process is and are always prepared to go the extra mile.

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